The Only Full-Cycle Embedded Insurance API

Our platform is built by developers, for developers. Our team is composed of senior engineers with extensive experience designing APIs, building integrations, and developing enterprise-scale platforms. We dedicated countless hours in developing the Boost API Guides and Documentation for Boost’s platform because we all have firsthand experience attempting to integrate into archaic systems that have ad-hoc APIs, poor documentation, and non-existent testing environments. We designed our platform to make it easy for you to build and manage a highly-tailored digital insurance program.

RESTful API Design

All platform operations are performed through our RESTful API allowing you to easily integrate your front-end system into our platform


We utilize JSON-API for our data exchange format which allows you to express complex data relationships in a consistent and easily repeatable format

Testing Environment

Permanent access to a dedicated testing environment as you build out your integrations and test new platform

Developer Portal

A self-service portal that allows you to configure your platform integration options, such as API keys, webhooks, and email addresses

Tailored API Docs

Documentation with usable examples that is specific to your insurance product showing only the applicable endpoints and data elements

Real-Time Events

Allows for the subscription via webhooks to policy lifecycle, billing, and claims events and includes automatic retries and delivery failure notifications

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Platform Features

Quoting & Rating

Powers quote generation, including utilizing third-party data sources to enrich and cleanse customer-provided data. We handle any necessary third-party integrations, allowing you to focus on your core products.

Policy Management

Automated policy lifecycle management which enables instant policy issuance, endorsement, renewal, and cancellation as well as ongoing policyholder notifications.

Document Management

Programmatic document generation and delivery for applications, quotes, policies, and renewal/cancellation events, as well as all ongoing policyholder notices.

Billing & Payments

Programmatic invoice generation for both direct-bill and agency-bill models and supports direct-to-consumer automated payments for policyholders based on desired installment plan schedule.


Allows for the submission of First Notice of Loss (FNOL) through the platform’s API as well as the retrieval of summary and detailed information for existing claims.

Data Reporting

We handle all aspects of reporting to the respective state departments of insurance, including stat reporting and data calls.

Value Proposition

You don’t need to build a policy admin system, and you shouldn’t. Leveraging the full strength of our systems not only provides you with the most modern insurance functionality available, but will also allow you to allocate valuable engineering resources to more proprietary technology efforts.

Product Agnostic Configuration

Our platform can support any insurance product’s unique configuration – whether it’s personal or commercial, property or casualty, admitted
or E&S

Speed to Market

Get your insurance program to market faster with our simple integration. All without having to license a clunky policy admin system

Workflow Automation

Define workflows from quote generation all the way through a policy’s life cycle. You can define notification windows, required policyholder documents, and required signatures for each quote and policy status

Regulatory Compliance

Ensures that all operations are compliant with the appropriate state regulations. We handle physically mailing documents when and where required by law and enforce required notification windows

Enhanced Analytics Platform

A modern platform built to run powerful analytics as your program scales instead of dealing with clunky PDFs and spreadsheets from other insurance companies

Real-Time Program Management

Manage your agency and the program you run with Boost with all the back-end functions powered programmatically through your integration with
our APIs