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Crypto Wallet Insurance

Provide your customers added security by offering them the first and only crypto insurance product for retail wallet holders.

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Key Benefits

Enhance your safety and security.
Give your retail customers peace of mind by offering them insurance coverage for their crypto assets, backed by A-rated global insurers and reinsurers.

Increase the availability of crypto insurance on your platform.
There are billions of dollars in cryptocurrency being held in online custody but less than 1% of those assets are insured. 

Stand out from the crowd.
Differentiate yourself as uniquely secure and customer-focused by providing your customers with valuable protection – the first of its kind.

Get started with your crypto insurance product quickly.
Be among the first to enter the brand-new crypto insurance market. Boost’s insurance infrastructure-as-a-service platform packages everything you need  into a single turnkey solution, so you can begin offering crypto wallet insurance to your customers in a matter of weeks.

Give your customers the 100% digital experience they expect.
For tech-savvy crypto holders, cumbersome offline processes are a non-starter. Boost’s insurtech platform allows your customers to purchase and manage every aspect of their insurance policy in seconds, right from your website or app.

Crypto Wallet Insurance Coverage Overview

Standard Crypto Wallet Coverage

Crypto Crime 
The standard crypto wallet policy protects retail customers who hold digital assets with a qualified custodian. It covers losses that occur if the custodian suffers a breach:

-If the custodian is attacked and crypto is stolen from the insured customer’s wallet
-If the custodian’s email servers are compromised, and the customer is sent an email from custodian’s email domain with fraudulent instructions to transfer crypto assets

Additional Available Coverages

Crypto Flex
This endorsement extends coverage to up to 125% of the value the crypto wallet is insured at. Since the value of cryptocurrency can fluctuate, this additional coverage helps prevent loss if your customer’s crypto is stolen during a spike in its valuation.

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Offering crypto insurance enables you to provide your customers with valuable protection for their digital assets, and to differentiate your platform from the competition. Learn more with a one-on-one demo with a Boost product specialist.

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