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Renters Insurance

Engage your customers with an expanded portfolio by offering them renters insurance protection against loss, damage and injury in their rented home.

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Key Benefits

Give your customers convenient access to the protection they need. 
Less than half of U.S. renters have renters insurance. Give your customers peace of mind and financial security by offering easy access to an all-digital insurance experience on your site or app, when they’re already making a related purchase.

Expand your portfolio and deepen engagement.
The U.S. renters insurance market is worth billions of dollars per year, and consumers want to purchase from brands they already use and trust. Tap into this large market and grow your revenue while giving your customers even more reason to stick with you.

Get started quickly.
Boost packages the necessary insurance infrastructure into one turnkey solution that is easy to integrate with, so that you can begin offering renters insurance in weeks.

Differentiate yourself with insurance coverage tailored for your customers.
Boost’s renters insurance is comprehensive, affordable and highly flexible so you can build the right policy for your market.

Renters Insurance Coverage Overview

Standard Renters Insurance Coverage

Third Party Liability
The cost of any injuries or damage to others’ property that occurs at your customer’s home, that they could be legally responsible for.

Additional Available Renters Insurance Coverages

Your customer’s personal property normally kept in their home, such as clothing, furniture, and electronics. This endorsement is required for any of the other coverages listed below.

Adds earthquakes to the list of events (“perils”) that are covered by the policy.

Golf Cart
Reimbursement if your customer’s golf cart is damaged while playing golf, or while driving off public roads. This does not cover golf carts used for business.

Identity Fraud Expense
Reimbursement for losses that your customer suffers as a direct result of identity theft.

Replacement Cost
The cost of buying a new, identical replacement if your customer’s covered property is damaged, stolen, or destroyed.

Scheduled Property
Additional coverage for specific items that your customer owns, which are worth more than the regular insurance policy will pay.

Replaces “burglary” with “theft” on the list of events the policy will cover. While burglary requires evidence of forced entry into your customer’s home, theft coverage is more expansive, and can also include losses like your customer’s phone being stolen out of their bag in a public place.

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Offering renters insurance allows you to deepen your relationship with your customers, while helping them protect their home and finances. Learn more about our renters insurance product with a one-on-one demo with a Boost product specialist.

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