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Insurance Platform

Empowering innovators to build, embed, and deliver insurance products to their customers

Boost enables companies in any industry to offer digital insurance products to their customers through a fully integrated experience that is embedded in their own front-end environment.

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Embedded Insurance API

 "data": {
   "type": "quote",
   "attributes": {
     "policy_state": "NY",
     "effective_date": "2019-05-30T00:00:00+00:00",
     "term_end_date": "2020-05-30T00:00:00+00:00",
     "limit": "100000",
     "deductible": "500",
     "metadata": {
       "lat": "40.7457908",
       "lng": "-73.9893931"
   "relationships": {
     "product": {
       "data": {
         "type": "product",
         "id": "3218cd47-c5d2-4f21-8857-bebad07e37ed"
     "customer": {
       "data": {
         "type": "customer",
         "lid": "C1"
 "included": [
     "type": "customer",
     "lid": "C1",
     "attributes": {
       "entity_type": "person",
       "first_name": "John",
       "last_name": "Smith",
       "email": "[email protected]",
       "phone": "555-123-4567",
       "mailing_address": {
         "address1": "792 Washington St",
         "address2": "Apt 15H",
         "city": "New York",
         "state": "NY",
         "zip": "10016"
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Technically, we’re a fully licensed managing general agency.
We’re just redefining what that means.

Boost’s API-driven infrastructure-as-a-service platform significantly reduces the cost of building and managing an insurance business by packaging the necessary operational, compliance, and capital components and making them accessible through a simple integration. Innovators that build on Boost can focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences, product innovation, and growth.

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Dedicated Reinsurance

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How It Works

Enabling Digital Distribution

Our customers are leading technology companies and high-growth startups that want to offer innovative insurance solutions to their customers.

Our platform helps leading technology companies and high-growth startups offer digital insurance products to their customers. Building on Boost enables companies across all segments to offer insurance products through a fully embedded experience within their own front-end environments.


Technology companies and modern brands whose core business isn’t insurance, but it’s a natural adjacency that they should monetize


Disruptors using tech, data, and ingenuity to innovate – and need an insurance partner that does the same

Product Innovators

Partners that recognize the modern world has modern risks – which need insurance products that cover them

Brokers & Agents

Not all insurance will be sold 100% digitally, but all businesses that sell insurance should be digitally-enabled

Backed by Top Investors and Industry Leaders

Boost has the full support of some of the top technology and insurance investors in the world.