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Use Boost’s modern infrastructure and intuitive insurance API to get your program up and running quickly

Our team has extensive experience designing APIs, building white label integrations, and developing enterprise-scale platforms. Our insurance API docs are personalized to your business and product and updated in real time so that you can build your digital insurance program with confidence.

boost insurance api for full lifecycle insurance policy management

Full lifecycle insurance policy management

We have an API for everything you need to manage your insurance program: rate, quote, bind, issuance, endorsements, renewals, claims and more

modern insurance api platform

Modern API platform

All insurance operations are performed through our RESTful API allowing you to easily integrate your front-end system

insurance api integration with lightning fast speeds

Lightning fast speeds

Our platform responds to all requests in under a second

boost insurance personalized sandbox and API documents

Your own personalized sandbox and docs

Permanent access to a dedicated testing environment and tailored insurance API documentation as you build out your integrations and test new platform features

real-time notifications with boost insurance

Real-time event notification

Allows for the subscription via webhooks to policy lifecycle, billing, and claims events and includes automatic retries and delivery failure notifications

boost insurance api is built on a secure and reliable foundation

Built on a secure and reliable foundation

Our system has 99.99%+ uptime and all requests are encrypted both in flight and at rest

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