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Commercial Cyber Insurance

Give your customers critical protection against cyber threats to their business in an increasingly digital world.

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Key Benefits

Vital coverage for 21st century businesses.
In 2021, the average cost of a data breach hit $4.24M – and incidents continue to rise. Help your customers protect themselves from potentially devastating cyberattacks.

Extensive protection at fairer pricing. 
All businesses need cyber protection, but not all face equal risk. Our proprietary algorithms evaluate a business’s individualized risk, allowing for more affordable pricing than one-size-fits-all products.

Lightning-fast speed, enabled by a robust API.
The Boost platform is built on a sophisticated API that’s easy to integrate, and enables your customers to digitally choose, buy, and manage their insurance policy at record speed.

Enhanced safety and security for your customers.
Give your customers peace of mind by offering them cyber insurance backed by A.M. Best A-rated, global insurers and reinsurers.

Insurance Coverage Overview

Standard Coverage

Security and Privacy Liability
Coverage includes third-party liability for defense and damages if the insured is found responsible after a cyber event.

Breach Response Expenses
Coverage includes the cost of notifying individuals affected by a breach of the insured’s data and monitoring those individuals’ credit, as well as the cost of forensics to discover what exactly happened.

Regulatory Defense and Penalties
Coverage includes the insured’s costs defending themselves if the breach results in a regulatory proceeding, and also the cost of potential resulting fines or penalties.

Cyber Extortion
Coverage includes the forensics, interest, and negotiation expenses the insured incurs because of an extortion event. This includes a certain amount for ransom demands, which can be increased with the Ransom Payments endorsement.

PCI Fines and Penalties
Coverage includes fines or penalties if the insured is found to be in breach of the security and risk management requirements of the PCI merchant agreement.

Business Interruption and Restoration
Coverage includes the cost of getting the insured’s business up and running again after a cyber incident, so they can resume generating revenue. If the business is interrupted for longer than a certain period of time, this coverage also pays for revenue lost during that time.

Additional Available Coverages

Computer Funds Transfer
Coverage includes reimbursement if the insured’s money is stolen in a fraudulent transaction (for example, if their email is hacked, and the scammer uses it to initiate a fraudulent bank transfer).

Hardware Replacement
Coverage includes the cost of replacing the insured’s computer systems, if they are permanently damaged (“bricked”) in a cyber attack.

Post-Breach Remediation
Coverage includes the cost of making improvements and eliminating vulnerabilities in the insured’s computer systems after a data breach, to prevent similar incidents from happening again. This is not included in a standard policy.

Ransom Payments
Coverage includes the cost of paying ransom to hackers in order to regain control of systems or data, such as after a Cryptolocker or similar ransomware extortion attack.

Social Engineering
Coverage includes reimbursement for money lost if a scammer reaches out to the insured and tricks them into sending money.

Telecommunications Fraud
Coverage includes any costs from fraudulent use of the insured’s telecommunications equipment, such as bogus charges to the company phone bill.

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